The Extra Mile

Above and Beyond

It's just ONE THING, and it's in our corporate DNA. At the heart of everything we do at Genesis is one guiding principle… “How can we help our clients?”

To us, that means going the extra mile, every time. Whether our responsibility or not... during the project or after completion, regardless of the effort… we are always committed to do whatever it takes to assure a project’s success.

Simply put... Genesis becomes an extension of your organization working within your teams providing expertise and commitment to your success.

We pride ourselves on making sure the job is done right and are never satisfied until our clients are. We are very proud to hear what our clients say about our performance. 

Genesis Engineers Group at Work

"What I like about working with Genesis is that if I want to improve the product, they don't say no, they hear me out. It's that willingness to say 'we'll take care of it' that I like."

– Associate Director - Facilities Qualification
Pharmaceutical Client

"They went above and beyond to ensure project goals were met."

– Joan Corcia - Director of Maintenance, Quality & Logistics, sanofi pasteur

"They were able to really morph into our culture. They understand the people they are working with."

– Facility Manager,
Global Contract Research Organization

"I feel like when I ask them for something, I get exactly what I asked for. They listen and give me what I want. One of the things they do is 'check with me' as we are going. I love that approach."

– Director of Engineering,
Pharmaceutical Client

"They bring a lot of experience to the table as well as good personnel who provide good support. They're a company of words and actions. They do a good job of backing up what they say they're going to do. They go ahead and do it."

– Mark Rodenberger, Facilities Manager, Almac Group

"They would build a schedule and our construction department would take that schedule. Even though they didn't get the contract for construction, we were able to take that schedule and use it."

– Data Center Program Manager / Sr. IT Program Manager, Mission Critical Client

"Flexibility. They don't just say here's how we are going to do it'. They work with us and come up with the right formula for us. They've been very flexible that way"

– James Weller, President
Baltimore Technology Park and
Philadelphia Technology Park

"They made a mistake. They recognized their mistake and they went in on off hours and fixed it; no questions asked."

– Facility Manager,
Global Contract Research Organization

"They became an extension of our group. They listened well, and they 'played well with others'. They knew what they were talking about, and I can't stress that enough."

– Jeremy Myers, Validation Manager, Almac

"Our project had the opportunity to go south, but Genesis stepped in and got it to where it should be. Integrity. They proved to me that they have it."

– Director, Capital Project & Contract Administration, Pharmaceutical Client